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Monkey Monkey Music children’s music videos are now airing on Kids Thirteen in addition to NJTV in the NYC Metropolitan area!  Public television is deeply committed to providing educational, non-commercial programming for its youngest viewers.  Please support local public media by making a contribution to WNET or your local public television station.


Monkey Monkey Music is a kids’ music entertainment brand

that produces award winning videos, kids’ songs, and performs live kids’ music concerts, for schools, parties, and cultural arts centers. We are honored that our children’s entertainment is viewed by millions of families in the U.S. on over 100 PBS stations and internationally in over 175 countries on the American Forces Network.


Are you looking for original and unique kids music entertainment for birthday parties in NYC, NJ, CT, and Long Island?

Many parents contact us because their children love our music videos and want us to perform for their child’s birthday party.   Even though Monkey Monkey Music is regularly seen on television, we love celebrating children’s birthday parties with our one of a kind special kids music entertainment for birthday parties in NYC, NJ, and CT. If you’re looking for a really upbeat, unique type of kids music entertainment for your child’s birthday party, please contact us anytime. Kids are really responsive to music and that is why choosing kids music entertainment for birthday parties in nyc  and the surrounding metropolitan area is a really smart choice. Monkey Monkey Music has performed for over 1000 kids birthday parties and is an expert at providing outstanding kids music entertainment for birthday parties in nyc, NJ, and CT.  Kids love our music videos seen on Kids 13 and NJTV and dance live to our shows they way they do at home.



Click on the YouTube link to watch Monkey Monkey Music children’s music videos.


Most of the videos seen on public television are not on YouTube but can be enjoyed by purchasing our kids music DVDs. By purchasing our children’s music DVDs, you are supporting the creation of educationally minded media for children. If you love what we do, please support our work by purchasing our kids music DVDs and CDs.


Children’s singer Meredith LeVande, began her children’s music career as a prominent NYC Kids’ musician for parties

and now has acclaimed national recognition. Catch Monkey Monkey Music on many PBS member stations across the country such as WETA Kids, NJTV, KCET, Idaho Public Television, and over 100 PBS stations in the U.S. In the New York market, Monkey Monkey Music videos air daily on Kids Thirteen and  NJTV.



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NJTV celebrated its 1st birthday with our “Happy, Happy Birthday” song in between the PBS Kids’ Breaks. Elmo even played the drums to our song on NJTV’s 1st birthday party video! As a performer who served smaller audiences through the NYC kids’ birthday party entertainment circuit, it is a great honor to now serve larger children’s audiences through public television. We are deeply grateful, and committed to making media that has a healthy impact on children’s lives.