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1st birthday party

People ask me all the time if babies can enjoy a 1st Birthday Party or if  I have any ideas for a 1st birthday party. The truth is that the

The great thing about music parties for a 1st birthday party is that babies are highly responsive to music.  I’m sure you’ve noticed your baby dance with joy upon hearing fun music. Or, perhaps you sing them traditional nursery rhyme songs.  Children’s music alone provides many great 1st birthday party ideas. For example,  many parents discover Monkey Monkey Music because they call their children “little monkeys.”  I’ve seen parents do all sorts of adorable monkey themed birthday parties that include things like “monkey” cupcakes, to jungle inspired parties.  Many children love the PBS Kids show, “Barney.”  One doesn’t have to use an actual commercial licensed character at the party. Rather I’ve seen parents take a concept like “Barney” and do an outrageously creative dinosaur themed party. There are so many fun adorable ideas that can add color and vibrancy to a party without adding chaos.majority of parties I have performed at indeed 1st birthday parties.  Thus, after performing hundreds of them, I have been exposed to many different 1st birthday party ideas and can provide a host of tips and themes to first time parents to ensure a really successful outcome.

1st Birthday Parties (Tips)

Knowing when your child is at his or her happiest point throughout the day will better ensure your child’s happiness at his or her party.  I generally find that with younger children, the morning is a better time of day to host a 1st birthday party.  For larger 1st birthday parties that occur in restaurants or halls with larger guest lists, my experience is that keeping the rooms free of lots of props also ensures a more successful music show. It’s overwhelming for a young child to experience so much going on simultaneously, so the simpler one keeps it, the better.

If you’re having a smaller party in your home or in a community room in your building, another good idea for a 1st birthday party is keeping the time frame to about 1.5 hours to two hours tops. Anything longer is usually too long and often can make your baby irritable. When it comes to ideas for a 1st birthday party, less is definitely more and some of the best ideas for a 1st birthday party involve keeping things simple. Even if your party is in a large space, there are ways to keep it simple and celebratory simultaneously.

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