Music for Baby and Toddler Birthday Parties

Music for children’s birthday parties is a wonderfully age-appropriate choice for baby and toddler birthday parties. Children are highly responsive to music and love to dance, shake, and move around. Many people choose live music for their child’s party because very often younger children especially don’t relate to a clown, or fully understand the narrative of a puppet show, or magic show. The great thing about music for children’s birthday parties is that all of your guests, not just children, will enjoy it. Monkey Monkey Music has been called time and again the best choice in music entertainment for baby and toddler birthday parties.

Music for Children’s Birthday Parties is a New Trend

In the past, entertainment at children’s birthday parties were traditionally clowns, balloon artists, and magicians. But a new style of parenting has arisen where parents want to hire something unique and relevant for their child’s party. Young children are very energetic and children’s music performed by someone who really knows how to coral a crowd and engage a group of children, allows children to expend that energy in a constructive and healthy way.

Monkey Monkey Music has performed for over 1,000 children’s birthday parties  In the NYC area, Monkey Monkey Music also airs on public television and can be seen in between PBS Kids shows on NJTV.

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