Should I Have Toys Out to Play with During the Birthday Show?

If your party is in a house or an apartment, toys are the number one distraction factor, so it’s best to hide them. Parents often think that having toys out during a birthday party gives kids something to do, and it’s totally understandable to have some out beforehand, but try and keep the toys in a separate room.

If lots of toys are out in the living room or performance space, children won’t easily part with them, making it increasingly difficult to gather everyone around to start the music. Also, many toys have pre-programmed music, which clashes with the music that you’re paying good money to hear and participate in. Coloring books, crayons and stuff that you can easily put out of sight are the best options before and after the party performance.

Remember, since toys are built-in distractions, kids will naturally gravitate toward them if they are in sight, decreasing your party entertainment value.

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