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What People Are Saying About Monkey Monkey Music and Meredith LeVande


“Monkey Monkey Music just may be the best addition to Public Broadcasting since Mister Rogers!” – Karen Noonan, Program Manager, WDSC-TV



“KCET is thrilled to be adding Monkey Monkey Music Videos to our daily broadcast schedule. Meredith LeVande is extremely talented and really has a way of connecting with kids and involving them in the songs. We think viewers throughout Southern California will be charmed and entertained by her fresh voice and infectious spirit!” – Robert McDonnell, Director of KCET‘s Education and Production Services



“KMOS-TV in Mid-Missouri loves Monkey Monkey Music! The interstitials play throughout our children’s programming seven days a week. Monkey Monkey Music is everything children’s music should be: fun, engaging and most importantly, educational. The videos will get your kids off the couch and moving to the music.” – Kathy Forste, Programming and Traffic Manager, KMOS-TV



“Definitely the best kids’ band on the circuit.” –  Ellis Rice, Cultural Supervisor,  Charleston Heights Arts Center, Las Vegas, NV



“Monkey, Monkey Music is geared for young children.  They just love the interaction and they respond positively with voice and energy. A great 50 minutes for kids.” – Mary Mahaffey, Director of Recreation for The Town of North Hempstead



“Warren Township Recreation Commission and residents loved Monkey Monkey! Meredith LeVande shines her luminous light by having the children learn, and explore life through music. She even brought me back to my own childhood. She did a fantastic job!” – Eleanora Hermann, RA, Warren Township Director



“Keep up the GREAT work! Monkey Monkey Music is VERY appealing to children, both to watch and listen to. The songs are gentle, yet lively and infectious, perfect for youngsters and for parents who are discerning about what their children watch. There is a lot of so-called ‘children’s music’ out there today with distorted guitars and a hip-hop feel that makes one wonder if the target audience is really the children, or older teen siblings or even parents. Meredith’s music really stands out as family-and-child friendly, and it leaves you with a good feeling.” – Chere Wood, Program Assistant, Utah Education Network



“The elements Monkey Monkey Music has created are wonderfully educational, engaging and entertaining.” – Tom Carter, Director of Programming, Ozarks Public Television



“In this day and age, children need all the positive and uplifting support they can get. Monkey Monkey Music is a great source for children to not only feel great about themselves, but also to reinforce preschool and elementary lessons that they will need to become the best that they can be!” – Holly Parker, Traffic Coordinator, RSU Public Television



“Meredith’s love of music and children resonates in her videos. They are delightful and something that we do not have enough of.” – Karen Barnes, Director of Programming and Development, KEET – Public Television for the Northcoast



“Once again, Meredith and Monkey Monkey Music were a huge hit! Our client, ESPN, was extremely happy with her performances and we hope to be working with her band more. Not only does she do a great job of interacting with the kids, but even adults enjoyed her fantastic lyrics. Case in point: I found myself singing the chorus to one of her original songs hours after the show!” – Ryan Oakes, Partner, The Pandora Group



“Monkey Monkey Music is highly professional, interactive, and entertaining. Both the children and parents really enjoyed the program. They danced, they participated, and remained engaged the entire duration of the show. I would highly recommend this program to any venue or library.” – Renee Baez, Youth Services Librarian, Lynbrook Public Library



“Meredith LeVande and her Monkey Monkey Music band gave a terrific, upbeat, and wonderful performance. Not only was the music fantastic, but they had a wonderful and genuine demeanor with the children. I would highly recommend this show for anyone looking to bring a valuable and successful experience for children.” – Bonnie Markel, Head of Children’s Department, Merrick Library



“Meredith sang a song about picking fruit in a garden and everyone felt like they were there in that garden. It was beautiful to see the children captivated by both the music and the original storybook that Meredith shared with them while she sang. Yuka the guitarist and Sasha the drummer accompanied Meredith and added to the entertainment, which reinforced the library’s mission of lifelong learning.” – Joanne M. Friedman, B.A., M.S., Children’s Librarian, Kearny Public Library



“Meredith’s live performances capture the audience as she spins her magic with her beautiful voice. Her live concerts and original music are a joy for children of all ages.” – Anne Mandelbaum, M. Ed., Early Childhood Ed. Director



“Meredith is not just a singer, she is an entertainer and the kids adore her (the parents too). It is so much fun to see the kids interact with her as she performs. They could watch her all day long.” – Risa Goldberg, Founder, Big City Moms



“Meredith has words and music which are easy to follow for young children. The songs’ themes can be used as teaching tools by both teachers and parents.” – Miss Sindi, Mommy and Me Instructor



“Meredith’s music will take you on a journey of rythms and beautiful melodies that you enjoy again and again.” – Miss Grace, Music Together Instructor



“Meredith’s beautiful voice catches the children’s attention right away. Hire her while she is still affordable.” – Jill Griffin, Infant Toddler Director



“(Meredith’s) music is infectious, uplifting and delightful. I wake up in the middle of the night humming her tunes. My grandson is a BIG fan and can dance up a storm to her music and videos. Anyone that enjoys life and takes the time to listen is greatly rewarded.” – Earl O., Grandfather



“Thank you Meredith for using your wonderful talent to enrich the lives of children. Because of your creativity and beautiful songs, Lily’s third birthday party was a success. I could not have imagine a better person for the job. Meredith you were calm, cool, and collective and possessed a wealth of information on keeping kids attentive and entertained. Dan Zanes please step aside so Meredith LeVande can win a Grammy.” – Raquel, Mother of Lily and Santos



“Meredith, I just wanted to thank you so much for your performance at Conor’s first birthday party. You made the day so special for us and my family and friends are still talking about how much fun they had. I have never seen Conor (or Fiona) dance and smile so much as they did during your show. One of my cousins even quoted that you were the best children’s entertainer they had ever seen. You definitely helped to make the day one that we will always remember. Fiona is already asking about when we can see another show.” – Tracy, Mother of Conor and Fiona



“Meredith, just to let you know we received the DVD yesterday: thank you so much! Obviously Sam watched it five times already and loooooves ‘Keep On Truckin”!! 🙂 He talks about you like a friend and says he is missing you! So thank you once again for making his bday and now his life so special and fun! He is singing your tunes several times a day and we will make sure his baby sister knows them too!” – Virginie, Mother of Sam



“Meredith, we absolutely LOVED your performance at Charlie & Olivia’s birthday party! You are so incredibly talented and you have such a wonderful passion for teaching little children through music! You are truly amazing! My little granddaughter, Hunter, was absolutely captivated by you and your wonderful music! She loves her new DVD and will have so much fun dancing to your songs and remembering you! I wish that we had known about you early enough to have booked you to perform at Hunter’s birthday party! We are thrilled that Hunter got a ‘front row seat’ at your performance on her actual birthday! You were the highlight of her first birthday! I am especially glad that I got into town from Texas in time to enjoy your show, as well!” – Debb, Grandmother



“Meredith’s music gives a good variety of original tunes that both children and parents can enjoy…there are feel good songs and ones that make you want to get up and dance.” – Brenda Behar, Parent



“I just saw Meredith perform at a birthday party and she did a fantastic job entertaining a wide range of toddlers and keeping the parents engaged.” – Karina P., Parent



“Meredith played at my boss’ daughter’s 1st birthday party. She got rave reviews and people at the party were asking for her information to book their next children’s party!” – Ashley



“Meredith played at my son’s 1st birthday and he loved her and so did all his friends. She played guitar and sang songs that involved the kids and keep their attention the entire time. I would definatly recommend her for your children’s parties.” – Marcia M., Parent



“My daughter loves Meredith’s music because it’s very original, energetic and very simple to do what she is singing in her songs. It’s understandable for any age of kids and even though my daughter is little, she still tries to dance all the time when she hears Meredith’s music. I would recommend Monkey Monkey Music for any child’s party at any age!!!!” – Elizabeth G., Parent



“We have had Meredith perform at several of my son’s b-day parties and she is awesome! She plays her own original music and also takes requests. The kids have a ball. I would definitely recommend her for all age groups. Meredith is not only a terrific children’s performer, but also a wonderful person.” – Ronin, Duran and Family



“This musical performance was everything we fished for, but were not sure we could find for our daughters 4th birthday. Original songs, life music and wonderful atmosphere that Meredith created made it very special for all our children. We highly recommend Meredith to all parents who are looking for an opposite to the cliché party performers.” – Mother of Sima, Aged 4

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